About Us

Optimism is the foundation of courage and ultimately success.
The Foundation of JANAK PERFUMERS was laid in the year 1962 by late Shri Bachubhai Dangar whose optimism made it grow into a well-known brand. His clear vision and principles made the brand a popular one among the customers. For him, it was always customer satisfaction first which made his business practice unique and successful.
We believe that “research is the key to delivering excellence”.

Today JANAK PERFUMERS is synonymous to quality products which are backed by immense research, with almost all significant ingredients manufactured under one roof. Our expertise in manufacturing incomparable product has added to our invaluable excellence.

We know that fragrance value is enhanced by good packaging. Therefore, we have established world class standards in packaging which ensures fresh fragrance to consumers every time. We have installed ultra modern machinery to support printing and packaging in order to ensure the right presentation of our products. We have also diversified into field of printing.

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